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Writing for newspapers is completely different than writing for magazines, blogs, and web sites. In January-February 2018, Hong Kong’s major export markets had been the Chinese language mainland, the EU, the US, ASEAN, India and Japan, which respectively made up fifty three{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, 9.1{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, 8.7{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, 7.4{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, three.9{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04} and three.5{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04} of Hong Kong’s whole exports; changes in exports to the above markets have been +9.9{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, +14.7{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, +12{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, +2.6{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, +22.four{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04} and +eleven.2{01f413d8b2b9bc700a67bdb3be20ed6768bc50abb290f6138f6e3c47ae9c1c04}, respectively.

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As writers, we all come to the time limit that we get stumped and don’t know where are next article will come from. I very much loved reading the assorted Easter origin articles. Projections 2008-2018, Table 7. Information cherry picked for presentation of a biased employment article. Individuals are involved in the information and are all the time searching for an excellent news article

In the course of the first reading of an article, I have my college students make a listing of all “whos,” “what’s,” “whens,” and “wheres.” College students are discouraged from using a dictionary to search for words they don’t know. People who find themselves looking for know-how articles or merchandise online will largely want information on the latest applied sciences. If that does not work, go away critiques on web sites like Yelp and other skilled trade specific websites for the enterprise they’re in. If you write the evaluations, be sure to clearly articulate the problem and the response you got from the company concerning your news article