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6 Food & Drinks That Are Beneficial To Relieve Nausea

Have frequent nausea? Nausea is a natural condition that we often experience. No need to worry, nausea is not a sign of a serious illness in the body. Nausea can occur due to many things. Among them are because they have not eaten and an empty stomach, the stomach is too full because it is full, smells a certain aroma, headaches, the initial symptoms of pregnancy, are experiencing PMS and many more.

Then, is there a way to overcome this nausea problem? Of course, even now there is widespread use of medical marijuana which can be found on the licensed producers Canada to treat nausea.

Here are also some foods and drinks that are believed to be effective in overcoming nausea.


Apples are not only tasty but also rich in benefits. One of the benefits is as a reliever of nausea. Nutrition and the aroma contained in apples are very good for reducing the risk of nausea. No need to worry, apples are fruits that are safe for consumption and do not cause any side effects at all.


The next natural remedy for nausea is ginger. The fragrant aroma of ginger can reduce nausea. Nutrition is also good for returning the digestive system to a healthier and more comfortable state.


Consuming peanuts when nausea can help overcome nausea problems. Nausea usually can also be caused because the body lacks protein intake. And peanuts are a good source of healthy protein consumed anytime and anywhere.


Banana is a powerful fruit to treat digestive problems. When you experience nausea and eating bananas, this will help relieve nausea.

Lemon Orange Juice

Squeeze lemon juice, add a little sugar and brew with warm water. Drink while still warm. Nutrients contained in lemons will help overcome nausea and improve the mood and comfort of the body.


Drink enough water when the stomach feels nauseous. Water will neutralize the digestive system. Water will also meet the needs of body fluids that are wasted due to nausea or vomiting.

Those are some foods and drinks that are believed to be effective in overcoming nausea. I hope this information is helpful.